Universal Limited Art Editions

I have been making prints with ULAE for many years.  They are located in BayShore Long Island.

Matvey Levenstein’s Website

Matvey Levenstein’s Website.

Victor Levenstein Speaking on the Moth’s MainStage

My father in law, Victor, telling the story of his journey from being falsely arrested in his 20’s for plotting the assassination of Stalin and surviving torture and the Gulags over 70 years later to be able to stand on the Moth Main Stage in front of an audience of over 2000 telling the incredible tale (to standing ovations) Listen to this incredible piece of history.  And the Moth podcast in general is a great podcast:  all true first person narratives told by real people.


Preferred Choice for Art Conservation

Art Conservation Solutions, a private conservation studio in NYC, specializes in the conservation of Modern and Contemporary art, from traditional paintings on canvas to works composed of an array of non-traditional materials. As every artwork is unique, at ACS we approach each project with curiosity and consideration, bringing nearly 40 years of combined experience to our work. Our technical expertise, material knowledge, hand skills, and aesthetic sensitivity is combined with a deep understanding of artists’ working processes and intent, ensuring an appropriate solution is achieved for every artwork in our care.

Recommended Framer – Bark Frameworks

We are custom framers. The designs and finishes we offer are created by us and are not available anywhere else. Although we are well-known for our work with artists, galleries, and museums, we enjoy working with collectors too – anyone who owns work that needs framing and wants to feel confident that it will be preserved well into the future.

Recommended Framer – Handmade Frames

In 1992, artists Paul Baumann and Marilyn Gold created their first line of handmade frames. Their vision was to create frames that were rich and beautiful in their own right, while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the artwork and doing everything possible to preserve and protect each piece. For more than twenty years, they have worked with artists, collectors, decorators, galleries and museums to create safe, unique settings for countless works of art.